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Therapy Care

Our SHINE Therapy Care services offer your child a safe, interactive space to develop and learn. Each child will be paired one to one with a trained SHINE Therapy Assistant, under the supervision and mentorship of the SHINE Clinical therapists.

A SHINE Therapy Care block of support involves a minimum of 2 children and 2 Shine Therapy Assistants per 3-hour block of time. This allows your child to receive the one to one therapy support needed to achieve individual developmental goals in a socially interactive environment.

Your child will engage in a specialized therapeutic curriculum involving social connection through games, outdoor activities and snack time, individualized therapy input tailored to your child’s physical and language needs and exploration through sensory rich play.

Key areas of Development our Shine Therapy Care will support.

Occupational Therapy:

  • Sensory Integration activities to support focus and attention endurance auditory processing and executive functioning skills

  • Gross Motor Exercises to target improvements in motor coordination, motor planning and sequencing, visual-motor development, body awareness and strength building.

  • Fine Motor Development to support skills involved in visual perception, pencil control, printing/handwriting development, cutting skills, precision and accuracy and endurance abilities

  • Social Interaction working to strengthen communication skills, relationship building and team dynamics

Speech and Language Therapy:

  • Listening and Attention: To lengthen attention span and ability to listen to speakers and surroundings.

  • Social Skills: Exercises to target improvements in turn taking, eye contact, sharing, body language, conversational cues and accessing social situations.

  • Receptive: Development of children’s ability to understand vocabulary, concepts and instructions.

  • Expressive: Activities to enhance communication and ability to use language Speech: Sound exercises to increase the intelligibility of speech and articulation.

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