"Our son, H, has been having therapy sessions at Shine since he was 3 years old. The improvements in his development have been amazing and he continues to benefit from weekly visits to the Shine centre. In fact, he loves going there! The team at Shine are nothing short of brilliant. They combine rigorous therapy techniques which at the same time, are fun for the child. Their attention to detail is what makes them stand out and they treat our chid as if he was one of their own. As parents, we are thrilled to have their services so close to home. I cannot recommend them enough."



"Shine is fantastic at their job, my little girl absolutely loved speech therapy and couldn’t wait to get the therapist in the door and on the floor, my daughter’s speech has come on in abundance since spending time with Shine and the homework she gave us as parents worked a treat. They are like ‘a child whisperers’ and I would highly recommend."



"They are AMAZING! My little boy D absolutely adores the therapist. When she saw him over the summer D had the best time ever with her. 


"I was very impressed at how the therapist got down to his level and related so that he felt happy and comfortable in her company. And that is saying a lot, as he is extremely choosy with whom he associates. She made the sessions so fun that he didn’t want her to leave.


"He is so happy and excited that she is helping him at school now. He has such fun with her and she has helped him hugely with his speech. Members of my family have commented on how they understand him so much better now.


"Thank you! 😀🙏😘"




"Shine therapists are amazing at their job! I’ve seen first hand how they have transformed the children they work with. They set the bar on professional practice and have patience, kindness and passion in abundance 😄"