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Our Mission


At Shine Child Development, we are the team around the child for schools and families; providing high quality occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and therapy assistant services.


We believe that schools and families can be empowered to support children to achieve their fullest potential.


Through team collaboration, excellence in clinical practice and our warm, individually tailored approach, we aim to help children develop the skills and confidence that they need to participate and thrive in life.

Our Standards


At Shine Child Development, the way we work is founded on our core values:

  • Excellence in clinical practice: We use evidence-based approaches with continued professional development to deliver individualised services that achieve positive outcomes.

  • Collaboration: We involve and work closely with important people and professionals in the children’s lives in order to deliver a rounded and comprehensive team service.

  • Innovation: We strive to have the latest technology, resources and techniques to find new and better ways of providing our services.

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