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Our Shine multi-disciplinary team specialises in the implementation of therapeutic services across education settings.

Why do education settings need therapy services?

Education settings are complex and intricate environments. To successfully navigate and access learning effectively, students require a range of physical, social and cognitive skills such as the ability to attend and concentrate, to sit and maintain posture, to understand and follow routines, to listen and act on instructions, to read and write, to communicate and to develop social relationships.

We can all agree that the goal of the school is for all students to feel nurtured, supported and confident within their learning experience.  All students with identified or emerging difficulties must be given the appropriate support to realise their maximum potential and to prevent the teaching and safety of others from being affected.

Teaching staff may not have the time or expertise to provide this support themselves, meaning that specialist clinical input is required.


How our Shine Team can support

We provide education settings with specialist services in Behavioural support, Speech and language therapy and Occupational therapy.

Our therapy services benefit students who have recognised medical conditions, learning, social and emotional difficulties and all those who simply require some additional support with aspects of their development.

Shine Child Development offers different packages with varying levels of support determined by the level of need.  Please contact us to discuss what package works for your school.

Our school-based services

  • Individual assessments

  • Individual/group therapy programs

  • Individual/group therapy sessions

  • Regular student reviews

  • Ongoing support and advice for teaching/support staff

  • Training for teaching/support staff

  • Extended services for parents and families

  • Assistance in developing strategic approaches to supporting children and young people

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