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Family Sleep Specialist Support

Promoting children and young peoples’ sleep success really is at the foundation of all other aspects of daily life.


Our goal is to not only assess and provide practical solutions to sleep challenges for your child but also – helping you as parents/caretakers know how to be and what to do in response to your child's differing and sometimes distressed behaviour around sleep


Our Sleep Specialist Support will help guide parents in building positive sleep behaviours, independence around sleep onset, trust and creating a positive sleep environment and associations which will ensure that our young people have their foundations met to then progress in all other areas of life.


Family Nutrition Specialists Support

Experts agree that good family nutrition is CRUCIAL, especially during childhood years. A healthy diet kick-starts cognitive development, significantly increasing your child’s chances of leading a long, happy, and healthy life.

Feeling frustrated at mealtimes?

  • You wish mealtimes weren’t so stressful

  • You’d love your child to explore new foods, without bribing or distractions

  • You worry about your child’s nutrition and relationship with food.

  • You want to be a better example to your children (so they grown up with healthier relationships with food)

  • You are scrambling everyday trying to decide what to make for dinner!

How our Family Shine Nutritionist can support you child:

  • Happier, healthier mealtimes. Using easy, effective solutions to turn mealtimes into fun – no more stress or over-thinking.

  • A better relationship with food. Proper nutrition equips your child to process his/her emotions and to lead a healthier, happier lifestyle.

  • A boost to your own health is vital to improving the way you teach and take care of your children.

  • Guidance. Even the smallest changes to your daily routine can bring about dramatic improvements to your family´s health and well-being. Louise guides you all the way.

  • Tackle sensory sensitivities; textures, odors, the way certain foods “look”

  • Support quality and quantity of intake to match your child’s specific needs


Neuropsychologist Assessment

During the therapeutic journey, some children and young people may require a comprehensive neuro-psychologist and diagnostic assessment, completed by a highly qualified and experienced Clinical Psychologist, to support goals across all environments; school, home, community and therapy.

The Assessment Process is tailored to a child’s specific needs and can involve:

  • Developmental History Interview with parents/caregivers

  • Initial assessment session(s)

  • School observation/liaison with teachers

  • Cognitive assessment session(s)

  • Diagnostic assessments

  • Full report and parent feedback session

  • Tailored Care Plan

Our Neuropsychology assessments provide parents/ teachers and the therapy team with a deeper level of information around the child or young persons:

  1. Psychological difficulties such as anxiety and/or depression

  2. Developmental conditions such as Autism and/or ADHD

  3. Learning Difficulties

This comprehensive assessment and information is valuable to ensuring your child’s Care Plan is harmonious across all domains and environments of learning