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Social Circus

After school club and Therapeutic Groups

Online Services:

Throughout our Covid 19 journey we are happy to adjust to online therapeutic support upon request.  You and your child can engage in a personalized online session with a SHINE Clinical Therapist to ensure we continue supporting growth and development.

Options available:

  • Parent consultation meeting to discuss concerns and if online support is a positive strategy.

  • Client-centred one to one therapy session. Child and a parent will meet with the therapist for a child-centred therapy session engaging in fun exercises and games, supporting ongoing therapy goals.


Clinic Services:

Kids can enjoy our homely therapy space and engage in one to one or group therapy.  Our centre provides outdoor space and indoor equipment to challenge and strengthen your child’s development.

Options available:

  • One to one therapy sessions with a Clinical Therapist and/or Therapy Assistant

  • Therapeutic groups led by Clinical Therapy team 


Home Services:

Home sessions can be accommodated where your child will engage in a home-based therapy session with a Clinical Therapist or Therapy Assistant.  Equipment will be brought to the home to support therapy goals.

  • One to one home therapy sessions with a Clinical Therapist and/or Therapy Assistant.

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