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Social Skills

Our Social Skills sessions, groups and camps offer a safe space for creative expression, social interaction and setting and reaching goals.

Therapeutic Objectives involve:


  • Providing a fun, motivating and intrinsically reinforcing experience.
    To practice collaboration in a none competitive environment.

  • Increasing positive risk taking both physically and emotionally, in a safe and supported environment.
    Promoting physical health and body awareness through actions.

  • Increase self-confidence.

  • Improve social connectedness, teamwork, and leadership skills.

  • Learn the skill of learning. The skills and thought processes needed for learning new information/actions.

  • Provide opportunities for calming rhythmic activities which increases sensory feedback and supports the nervous system to calm and regulate; impacting our social and emotional responses.

  • Create a space in which children and young people feel a sense of belonging. Our sessions, groups and camps provide a challenge for every level through constantly evolving and attaining goals.

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