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Neuropsychologist Assessment

During the therapeutic journey, some children and young people may require a comprehensive neuro-psychologist and diagnostic assessment, completed by a highly qualified and experienced Clinical Psychologist, to support goals across all environments; school, home, community and therapy.


The Assessment Process is tailored to a child’s specific needs and can involve:

  • Developmental History Interview with parents/caregivers

  • Initial assessment session(s)

  • School observation/liaison with teachers

  • Cognitive assessment session(s)

  • Diagnostic assessments

  • Full report and parent feedback session

  • Tailored Care Plan


Our Neuropsychology assessments provide parents/ teachers and the therapy team with a deeper level of information around the child or young persons:

  1. Psychological difficulties such as anxiety and/or depression

  2. Developmental conditions such as Autism and/or ADHD

  3. Learning Difficulties

This comprehensive assessment and information is valuable to ensuring your child’s Care Plan is harmonious across all domains and environments of learning

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