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Therapy Assistants 

What is a Shine Therapy Assistant (STA)?

Our STA’s are an integral part of the Team around the Child approach to supporting children’s growth and development.  Under the supervision and mentorship of Shine Clinical Therapists, STA’s guide children/students through client-centred therapeutic programs.


Repetition, volume and consistency are vital to developmental success.  STA’s enable the child to receive therapy more frequently allowing the child to achieve their therapy goals more rapidly.


How does a STA support our Shine Clinical Team?


STA’s work alongside the Clinical Therapy team, implementing individualised one to one therapeutic programs with the child/student.  Sessions can take place within school settings, home settings and our clinic setting.


The Shine Clinical Team monitor and adapt therapeutic programs using evidence-based therapy models.  STA’s assist the clinical team by communicating and documenting the progress of children/students as they continue to develop and grow.

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