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Child Development Costa del Sol 
Summer Camps 2020

Summer Camp

Your child, after this 3-day program directed and lead by two experienced Pediatric Therapists, will have gained confidence within gross motor coordination and strength endurance, fine motor precision and handwriting skills along with learning strategies to support our body engine speeds (sensory integration development) , receptive (understanding) and expressive language, speech sound work and activities to increase sustained attention, listening and focus.  This interactive and engaging group will provide a fun environment for your child to progress developmentally in a social context.


Key areas of Development our Shine Summer Camps will support

Occupational Therapy


Sensory Integration activities to support focus and attention endurance auditory processing and executive functioning skills


Gross Motor Exercises to target improvements in motor coordination, motor planning and sequencing, visual-motor development, body awareness and strength building.


Fine Motor Development to support skills involved in visual perception, pencil control, printing/handwriting development, cutting skills, precision and accuracy and endurance abilities.


Social Interaction working to strengthen communication skills, relationship building and team dynamics.

Speech and Language Therapy

Social Skills: Exercises to target improvements in turn taking, eye-contact, sharing, body language, inferencing (older children) conversational cues and accessing social situations.


Receptive: Development of children’s ability to understand vocabulary, concepts and instructions of longer and more complex degrees.


Expressive:  Activities to enhance ability to use language of increasing length with correct sentence structure and meaning.


Speech: Sound exercises to increase the intelligibility of speech and articulation

Our Summer Camps are offered on a 3 day/week schedule.  You can sign your child up for as many weeks as you like!

Camp Dates: Monday – Tuesday - Wednesday

July 6th, 7th, 8th                                                              

August 3rd , 4th, 5th


Ages 2-3 years = 9:30am – 11:30am

Ages 4-6 years = 12pm – 2pm

Ages 7-9 years = 2:30pm – 4:30pm

Cost: Full 3 day program / Total 6 hours = 180 euros

Group Composition:  6 spaces in each group

Group Leaders: Aynsley Carter Occupational Therapist / Katie Smith Speech and Language Therapist

Venue:  Villa Mimosa C/Nilo # 16

              29688 Villa Cana (Estepona/ San Pedro)


Our Location is beside Villa Cana Pony Club and offers a natural creative setting for growth


Contact us directly to schedule a contact meeting with one of the therapists.

Aynsley Carter – Occupational Therapist:                  

Katie Smith- Speech and Language Therapist: 

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