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Educational Psychology

What is Educational Psychology?

Educational Psychology is the application of psychological theory, research and techniques to support children, young people, their families and schools promote the emotional and social wellbeing of young people. Educational Psychologists (EPs) also support those with learning difficulties to achieve their full potential through the use of assessment, monitoring and evaluation.


Educational Psychologists are particularly skilled at using problem-solving models to understand the goal of a child's behaviour and what they are trying to communicate to others. They use strength-based and child-centered approaches to create intervention plans, in collaboration with the team around the child.


The Educational Psychologists at Shine Academy are experienced and highly qualified (to doctorate level), and follow the requirements of the British Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

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Interventions include:

  • Consultations with parents/ carers and other professionals to discuss a child’s needs and how best to support them.

  • One-to-one and small group interventions to promote a child's learning and emotional wellbeing (i.e. evidence-based therapeutic work for anger management/sleep hygiene/ social communication difficulties/ executive function and concentration difficulties).

  • Detailed psychological assessments to gather information about a child's needs (i.e. behavioural, learning or social-emotional) using methods such as observation, pupil interviews and cognitive/ learning assessments. Assessments result in a formal written report and a collaboratively agreed intervention plan.

  • Leading and/or participating in a range of multi-agency and multi-disciplinary panels and child-centred planning meetings.

  • Supporting staff development by delivering training, staff coaching and providing professional supervision for specialised interventions.

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