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Shine Advanced Parent Training Course

Shine Child Development Center is focused on providing a Team Around the Child Approach for families. Our Advanced Parent Training Course is designed to build confident parent-child interactions to support growth across all levels of development; self-regulation, communication skills, social-emotional and behavioural development

What you’ll learn:

  • What are Primitive Reflexes and how do they impact brain development

  • What are our 7 sensory systems and how do they support neurological development

  • How movement based play strengthens overall development

  • Communicate more effectively as a parent/ Adapt my communication and reactions based on my child's active brain structure

  • Understand why children behave in a certain way and the processes that cause behaviour

  • Develop parenting skills that build a lasting connection and healthy relationship with your child through every stage of their development

  • How to parent more effectively, from a position of strength and knowledge

Training Location:

Shine Child Development Center, Calahonda, Costa del Sol, Spain.

Training Dates:

We currently run training courses 4 times per year. Please email to book your place

Please note there are limited spaces so contact ASAP to book your place. 

Session Times:

Once per week over four consecutive weeks from 7pm - 8.30pm.

Course Curriculum:

x4 sessions (1.5 hours each session) + 20 min follow-up Zoom parent meeting.

  • Session One: Parent and Therapist Introduction Session / Parent Exploration and Goal setting

  • Session Two: Led by Aynsley Carter Occupational Therapist: Self Regulation and Why Movement Matters

  • Session Three: Led by Katie Smith Speech and Language Therapist: How to support your child’s speech, language and social development

  • Session Four: Led by Vicky Howard Family Therapy and Behaviour Specialist: Emotional Development and Positive Parenting

  • Follow Up Meeting: 20 min Zoom Parent Follow up meeting: Led by Vicky Howard Family Therapy and Behaviour Specialist.

Course Cost:

250 euros per parent.


Please contact to register for the next Advanced Parent Training.

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